Song of the day…

“Hold your breath, baby.
We have to make our hearts sit still.
Hold your tongue, honey,
The things we know could unleash hell.”

The song of the day is the perfect, amazing ‘One Hundred’ by Hands Like Houses!
I’ve spoken about this amazing Australian sextet before, but I clearly forgot how unbelievable this song is and it really does help you get through a long, horrible, cold, agonising journey (yes I’m using pretty much every descriptive term in the dictionary!)

This song, along with their whole album, is so great. Today I actually figured out why I love HLH so much! Other than the fact that they are really cool, funny guys (hello! they are Australian- win!!), super talented and humble, they aren’t like everybody else! The reason why I really love their music, is because they almost seem like a post-hardcore band. They have the same vibe, and every time I listen to one of their songs, I wait for a breakdown and some heavy screaming to kick in, but it doesn’t happen. I kinda love it. I like screaming, don’t get me wrong, but I always prefer a post-hardcore band’s clean vocals to the unclean (screaming) ones!

And I am so stoked to see them supporting Pierce The Veil in London, and also at Slam Dunk Festival. Best news ever!!

Here’s one of the greatest songs I’ve actually ever heard.

One Hundred – Hands Like Houses

Current obsession…

I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I have been suuuper busy, you know, being a angsty teenager and such….

Nah I’m totally kidding. I have just been busy doing school work etc. Speaking of which, I have a 1,200 word interview to write, which is not done….. and needs to be done for Thursday.. awkward.

But anyways, the real reason I am writing this post is because well I would like to bring attention to an artist with a ohmygod-how-can-someone-sing-so-beautifully-my-heart-almost-stopped voice. This artist is called Jonny Craig, and I have mentioned him briefly a few times, but I just recently purchased some of his stuff on iTunes, and well.. I needed to express how amazing he is and I just think that everyone should go listen to him immediately.

Other than having an unbelievably perfect voice, he has also done so much, he was in a band called Ghost Runner on Third – the EP Speak Your Dreams is one I have had on repeat ever since I got it. Not one bad song on it! Loveee. He was also in the band Dance Gavin Dance, EmarosaIsles & Glaciers and he’s also done a solo album- A Dream is a Question You Don’t Know How to Answer, and I’m pretty sure he’s working on more stuff, and he just released a free EP of cover songs- which I am still yet to get, omg I’m slacking in life right now. Oh and he’s also going to be on the show The Voice! Which I think is pretty damn cool, he’ll probably win.. he kinda has to! His voice is just… wow.

Oh and before I get the “well why didn’t you say..” Yes, so Jonny Craig used to be a drug addict, a kinda fucked up person, and been caught in tons of scandals and shit… but everyone makes mistakes and well it doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s a very very talented individual. Make your own judgments about him, but at the end of the day you don’t personally know him, you don’t know his struggles (Wikipedia doesn’t count). You don’t know anybody’s struggles so you really shouldn’t judge, but we are all human, and I know that’s hard sometimes! Just love his music, even if he does act like a cocky prick sometimes, but if I had his voice I’d be cocky too.

Even with everything he’s gone through he still has loads of fans. *Sidebar* Youtube comments make my life… seriously, funniest shit ever!

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 00.11.17


Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 23.26.09

Like seriously.. I almost cried.

Well I hope you enjoy his music because I love listening to him!! Here is a song I absolutely adore! It’s Pierce The Veil’s song, but Jonny features in it and it’s just amazing. Love it!

You can find Jonny on Twitter/Youtube/iTunes… the usual stuff.


Bands that made my 2012..

Happy New Year everybody!! 2013 is going to be the best year yet – I truly believe it! I hope everyone has an amazing year (filled with hot musicians, and concerts! – Livin’ the life for sure! Ha! *wink face*)

I just wanted to make a very very quick post of some of the bands that made my 2012 really kick-ass!

*Takes deep breath*

Sleeping With Sirens
•Pierce The Veil
•All Time Low
•Abandon All Ships
•The Words We Use
•Tonight Alive
•At The Skylines
•The Ready Set
(kind of a band)
The Used
•We Are The In Crowd
•Allstar Weekend
•She Can’t Breathe
•Upon This Dawning
•Cute Is What We Aim For
(so I was a little (Alot) late to the party- get over it!)
•Falling In Reverse
(You can hate Ronnie all you want, but their music is boss.. Come on!)
Memphis May Fire
•Silence The City
•Mayday Parade
(Again very late to the party! – but they are FLAWLESS. So obsessed.)
That’s Outrageous!

*and breathes*

Thank you all.

And TRUST me there’s tons and tons more bands, but these are the ones I can remember off the top of my head. 2012 was a good year for music – well for my music haha!

Here’s to 2013! A year hopefully filled with even more amazing bands and music.

(Okay so here’s a pic of me being the rock chick that I am (but seriously though) and another one of me promoting peace haha! Nah just wanted to post a pic or 2 of me being happy and saying thank you.. So thank you! *hugs*

xoxo S



Song of the day.. New favourite album

I know I have been slacking in the blog-posting department, but I really do hate this time of year – it’s too chaotic, and not in the amazing-concert-chaos kinda way, in a fangirls-are-rushing-to-get-into-the-venue kinda way – the annoying as fuck way.

But anyways, so I found out about this band called Hands Like Houses a while ago, because they were on Pierce The Veil‘s Collide With The Sky tour with Sleeping With Sirens and Tonight Alive – perfect line-up or what?!
And well I’ve always really liked them – I’m partial to Rise (records) artists… But Seriously though.

Well okay so… Hands Like Houses is a 6-piece Australian rock band and when I say they are perfect – I mean P-E-R-F-E-C-T. I have listened to their album “Ground Dweller” (repeatedly!) and I cannot criticise one song or one thing about it. It is amazing. And for those who wanna know about them, but are scared of my many featured bands that are of the demon-kind, they are a (unique, amazing) rock band, and there is no screaming in their songs! Most of them are pretty mellow with an awesome, rad as hell kick. Seriously I advise every person who sees this post to go and listen to them! Seriously! Do it. Do it now!

My favourite song off the album right now is “Lion Skin” ft Tyler Carter (Yeah I know *love struck face*) and Jonny Craig – it’s so so good.

Lion Skin – Hands Like Houses ft Tyler Carter & Jonny Craig


Just wanted to quickly post and say how happy I am with this week’s Kerrang!- don’t get me wrong I like Kerrang!, it’s awesome, but this week’s was pretty exceptional. When James- the editor, posted a pic of it on Twitter I immediately wanted it because Sleeping With Sirens‘ frontman- Kellin Quinn, Pierce The Veil’s frontman- Vic Fuentes and Tonight Alive‘s frontgirl (?) Jenna McDougall was on the front, quite small at the bottom, with the words “The tour everyone wants to see” – also known as the Collide With The Sky tour (PTV) – one EXCEPTIONAL tour. I love all 3 bands and will die cry if I don’t see them. Kerrang! once again mentioned how big these bands are going to be. I can’t wait for them to “explode” next year. Not literally, obviously (Kerrang! did make it a point to clarify). So to sum up: there will be NO exploding of SWS, PTV or TA. Kerrang! apologises for any confusion- although come on people, they did say.

The other thing I loved about the issue, was the fact that the issue shined a light on the disappearance of Fall Out Boy! Seriously though they need to get back together. I just want to see Pete Wentz live just once.. then I can just be happy forever. Haha.

Until next time.

Post-hardcore kick.


Okay, so growing up in South East London, I didn’t really hear a lot variety in the music around me (unless you call 13 year olds having -and I use this term loosely- “Rap battles” in school, music.)

I mean, I came across rock and punk a few times (I have a cool older brother), but instead of welcoming it with open arms (Like I should have) I got scared and ran back to whatever was in the UK top 40’s at the time. Lame.

Although, as I got older my music taste greatly developed (Thankfully) and I now I am a huge fan of rock and punk music and listen to it, pretty much, religiously. There isn’t anything I look at and think “No I’m not even going to attempt to listen to that”.

I experiment with music and I like what I like.

But saying that, until now- 2012, I haven’t really came across a lot of Post-hardcore music, and none that I was particularly obsessed with, again, until now. The reasons for my untimely obsession being:

  • Sleeping With Sirens

Sleeping With Sirens are a 5-piece band from Orlando (who currently reside in Michigan). The band was originally started by members of For All We Know, Broadway and We Are Defiance. The band consists of Kellin Quinn (Vocals), Jesse Lawson (Guitar/Backing vocals), Jack Fowler (Guitar), Justin Hills (Bass guitar) and Gabe Barham (Drums). The band is currently signed to Rise Records, and have 2 full length albums out: With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear and Let’s Cheers to This. The band also released an EP this year (June) called If You Were a Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack. The band is well known for the versatility of vocalist Kellin Quinn’s tenor leggiero vocal range, for those who don’t fully understand what this means (Me being one of them), in simple terms, his voice is very unique and he can hit higher notes than I can. Kellin vocals are often compared to a girl- I resent this VERY much, because his voice is perfect.

The band have generated a lot of buzz, not only in the USA (Warped tour), but also in the UK- Kerrang! magazine has started featuring the band and even said that they “owned” Warped tour and are going to blow up here in 2013. I think the reason SWS is so popular is because they are very versatile, their music is very upbeat and loud, it might be seen as heavy for some people, but there are many tracks on their albums that are softer and more acoustic like (All My Heart, Let’s Cheers To This, Let Love Bleed Red..). I personally am completely obsessed with them, I think their music is amazing and I just feel that we need more bands like them. They provide that ‘Follow your dreams and fuck anyone who tries to get in the way’ kind of attitude that really does inspire a generation. Their song Do It Now, Remember It Later, is not only super catchy, but also makes you want to dance on tables and pretty much scream at the top of your lungs to anyone and everyone “We’ll do what we want to!”

‘Cause in reality… we will.

SWS were at Warped tour 2012, and are touring the USA with Pierce The Veil on their Collide With The Sky Tour. The boys are also due to attend Soundwave festival in Australia early next year. They are definitely taking over. I can hardly contain my excitement!! *Screams like a little bitch*

  • Pierce The Veil

Pierce The Veil are 4 crazy, hilarious guys from San Diego, California, and the reason I know about them is because they are in fact good friends with Sleeping With Sirens and even have a song with Kellin Quinn featured on it (King for a day). The band was started by Vic Fuentes (Lead Vocals/guitar) and brother Mike Fuentes (Drums), the other members of the band are Tony Perry (Lead guitar) and Jamie Preciado (Bass guitar/Vocals). The band released 2 albums with the record label Equal Vision: A Flair for the Dramatic and Selfish Machines. The band are now signed to Fearless Records and have released their third studio album called Collide with the Sky. The band is not only loved in the USA, but also is beginning to pick up major speed here in the UK. Personally I cannot wait to see a Pierce Takeover!

The band attended Warped tour alongside Sleeping With Sirens and played the main stage. The band have also just come off of their Headlining UK tour and going straight into their USA tour (with opening act Sleeping With Sirens). The band will also play at Soundwave festival in Australia 2013. Damn these boys are busy.

Pierce The Veil is another band that’s highly versatile, Their music is heavier than SWS, however there are some tracks on their albums which are more low-key and slower. PTV and SWS are the perfect bands since they don’t just stick to one type of music, they have the type of albums you can live and die by- Songs to save your life, in any occasion.

  • Abandon All Ships

Abandon All Ships is a Canadian Post-hardcore/Metalcore band from Toronto. The band members include Angelo Aita (Unclean vocals), Martin Broda (Clean vocals), Sebastian Cassisi-Nunez (Synthesizers/Keyboard), Daniel Ciccotelli (Lead guitar) and Chris Taylor (Drums). The band are signed with Universal Music Canada via Underground Operations, along with an American deal to Rise Records and its imprint Velocity Records. The band have released 2 studio albums: Greeving and Infamous. (Before they were signed they released a self titled EP)

It’s safe to say that Abandon All Ships’ music is very heavy- I mean put a padlock in a bag and mosh pit, heavy. No Seriously. The band also tends to get a lot of hate on things like Twitter. I really don’t see why, they tell everyone to go fuck themselves on a regular basis… oh wait, do people not like that? ha! Overall I think the band is awesome and super hilarious, their lyrics resemble their carefree, fuck you attitude to life and all their haters. At first I did think their music was way too screamy, but Martin’s clean vocals are really good and helps to bring a balance to Angelo’s screaming. But again, their lyrics are way too funny not to love them.  But if you don’t like them, they really don’t care… no seriously they don’t care, they are the Forever Lonely crew- they literally scream this in the middle of their songs. Big thumbs up from me. I think I’m the queen of that crew (People just don’t like me. *Shrugs*).

All three bands have really made me aware of the Post-hardcore genre and I really do love it. I also believe the root of my obsession over these bands is because not only are they extremely talented, they are also very hilarious and their personalities shine through when they are singing or doing an interview. Listen to/Watch them- You’ll fall in love.

You can thank me later.

– S